Green Hope High School Marching Band 2019

Not Registered?

The registration process for 2019 has finished. If you would like to join Marching Band, but did not register please email the band director at as soon as possible to discuss.



It's time to register for Marching Band!




     Note: both students and parents need to register for accounts and confirm their email addresses.  Parents will also provide the email address of their students.  Make sure both the parent and student provide the same student email address.  The website will use that information to create family accounts.



If you encounter any problems following the steps below, please email

You will need to complete the online steps before submitting paperwork at Registration Night.  We will have a limited number of shared computers in Media Center if needed.  If possible, it will be better to complete and submit (remember to click Pay, even if you're bringing a check) the forms before you arrive.

Getting Started

Create an account to login to the website.  Click on My Account --> My forms.

First make sure you've entered all of the Parent and Student Information.  You should see a green check like this:

Required Forms

There are 6 total required forms to complete.  When you're done, there should be no forms with an empty circle... all green checks.


no Instrument?

Many students will rent a school instrument for band.  Whether yours does or not, please complete that form too.  If you don't need an instrument, select "No" and "$0".


No Accessories?

There are many required uniform accessories.  If your students have everything they need already (from last year, for example), please complete that form anyways.  Select "1" at the bottom to indicate you've complete the form, even if you've placed no orders above.


Forms done?  Don't forget to "check out" and "pay"

Even when the forms are done, they haven't been submitted until you completed the transaction.


First: Click "Proceed to Checkout" at the bottom of the "My Forms" page.

Then: Click your option to pay.

If you're bringing a check to registration night, click "Pay by Cash or Check".  Click this whether you wish to pay the minimum amount now or pay in full.  When you submit the check, the treasurers will credit the paid amount to your account.  You can use "Pay Online" to use a credit card or e-Check, but there is an additional fee to cover the processing.  You might also see options for Use Student Account Balance, if you have fundraising money left over from last year.


Finally, Print and sign

After you and your student(s) have filled out all the forms and 'checked-out' online, print and sign the following and bring it with you to registration night.



Registration Night is Tuesday, May 28 6:30pm - 8:00pm


Check your Account Balance

Click on "My Account", "Update My Account", "Account Balance"




Important Dates

Green Hope Marching Band 2019 Important Dates

These are dates of performances and camps, which are required for full membership. Conflicts should be communicated at the time of registration (or with the leadership application, if applicable).

  • Mini Camp: June 11-13 (4-8pm)
  • Guard/Percussion Camp: July 11-13
  • Full Camp: July 15-26
  • Saturday camps: August 17, September 14
  • Football games: August 30, September 20,  October 4, October 25, November 1
  • Possible competition days (will choose 5 of these 6): September 28, October 5, October 12, October 19, October 26, November 2 


GHMB AUDITIONS (Updated May 20)

Fall guard auditions!

Audition #2 is this Wednesday, 6-9pm!

Email if you’d like to participate but missed night #1.


GHMB AUDITIONS (Updated May 9)


Visual auditions (for brass, woodwinds, and battery percussion)

May 13 and 14, 3-5pm (basketball court in front of GHHS)

Choose at least one to attend. If you weren’t able to attend this past week, attend both.


Brass/Woodwind Music auditions

By appointment:

For first-year members only. Today at DDMS, next Thursday at GH.


Percussion auditions

Today 5:30-8:30pm

Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm

**We are also looking to recruit keyboard/synth players. If you have piano player friends who may be interested, have them contact me.


Guard auditions

Spin Clinic at DDMS: Tuesday, May 14 (6-8pm) in the cafeteria. Open to anyone!

May 20 and 22, 6-9pm


**No experience is required for guard auditions!




ALL Brass, Woodwinds, and students auditioning for Battery need to complete at least two of the Visual Audition days. Students should choose one of the Week 1 sessions AND one of the Week 2 sessions:

  • Week 1 (choose one): May 6 or 7 (3-5pm)
  • Week 2 (choose one): May 13 or 14 (3-5pm)

Music Auditions for FIRST-YEAR Brass and Woodwinds: Students should prepare the Audition Etude and their Concert F and D scales. Only FIRST-YEAR students need to do the music auditions. Students who have been in the GHMB before do not need to complete the music portion of the audition. Students should sign up for an appointment to play the audition material for Mr. Myers at Auditions are on May 9 (at DDMS) and 16 (at GHHS).

Percussion auditions are as follows (all at GHHS):

  • April 30: 5:30-8:30pm (First-year members)
  • May 7: 3-8pm (Individual auditions)
  • May 9: 5:30-8:30pm (Upper battery and Front ensemble)
  • May 14: 5:30-8:30pm (Bass drum)

Colorguard auditions are on May 20 and 22 from 6-9pm at GHHS. There is an optional Spin Clinic at DDMS on May 14 from 6-8pm.

Audition Music

Audition Etude 2019-20 – Alto Sax..pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Baritone (B.C.).pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Baritone Sax..pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Bass Clarinet.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Bassoon.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Clarinet in Bb.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Flute.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Horn in F.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Mallets.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Oboe.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – score.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Tenor Sax..pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Trombone.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Trumpet in Bb.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20 – Tuba.pdf
Audition Etude 2019-20.m4a

Student Leadership Information

Leadership information can be found here.