Scrip Program


What is Scrip?

Scrip is a gift card fundraising program. Families purchase online, paper, and/or plastic gift cards from the Scrip website and a percentage of the purchase is used to pay their student’s fair share amount. The gift cards can be redeemed at nearly 400 national retailers across the country.


How does Scrip work?

GHHS Band families buy retail gift cards through our scrip program at face value. Go to the Scrip website for a full list of retailers. 90% of the rebate is credited directly to the student account and can be used for fair share payments. 10% of the rebate goes to the band to cover shipping & other cost incurred by the program. It’s that simple to earn money for your student’s account.


There are two basic ways that families can pay for Scrip: check or PrestoPay.

  • PrestoPay uses the secure ACH debit process to electronically debit funds from a member’s checking or savings account. With PrestoPay, if the card purchased is for online or paper gift cards, the delivery of the card will be real time. Plastic card orders are placed with the band’s monthly order and will be distributed approximately one week after the published check payment due date.
  • Paying by check is facilitated once a month through the band’s Scrip coordinator. Orders are placed online and the check payment is placed in the green box in the band hallway by the published due date. Online and paper gift cards paid for by check will be released the Monday following the Scrip deadline. Plastic cards will be distributed approximately one week after the payment due date. Make checks payable to GHHS Band Boosters. Be sure to write your student’s name and Scrip in the memo section of the check and submit to the green box in the band hallway along with your order print out from the Scrip website.


How do I place a Scrip order?

Register at and use Enrollment Code  E671197L24934 to link your account to Green Hope Band Boosters. Once you have done this, you are able to submit your order on-line. Rebates will be credited to your child’s student band account.


What are the order deadlines?



Where do I get additional information?